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Chief Ian Larkin presents on the CZU Lighting Complex Fire. He has been a member of CAL FIRE Command/Incident Management teams since 2011.
Bruce McPherson, County Supervisor for the 5th District came and shared the latest news on the County's situation after devastating CZU Lighting Complex Fire, and recent Planning and Zoning Department policies dealing with streamline permits, FEMA issues, and setting up a resource center at the Keyser Permanente Arena. We are glad all the agencies involved did an outstanding job.
Mark Mesiti-Miller is a husband, father, grandfather and a Professional Civil Engineer with more than three decades of experience designing public works infrastructure. Mark is a past two-term planning commissioner and a past president of the Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce. Mark first got involved in the Rail with Trail in 1997 and currently serves on the board of the Santa Cruz County Friends of the Rail & Trail, a grassroots volunteer organization founded in 2002. Mark is dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone by focusing on equitable and affordable housing and transportation.
Student Awards - Scholarship Winners Presentation: This is our 20 + years Scotts Valley Rotary signature program; this year with 45 awards sent to Jr High and High School Students and 11 College Scholarships for a total of $11,000. Congratulations to all these great students!
Rick Flores made a great presentation on the Amah Mutsun Land Trust.
"Rick is the Director of Horticulture and Steward of the Amah Mutsun Relearning Program at the UCSC Arboretum and Botanical Garden and is also a Research Associate for the Land Trust.
The Amah Mutsun are relearning about their own customs and culture through innovative programs, such as the Native Stewardship Corps, and partnerships with western academics and institutions."
Congratulations for great work Rick!
Members reviewed the Highlights of the past year 2019-2020, and broke out in groups to discuss goals and projects for the year to come 2020-2021. See summary list of accomplishments in this post. Congratulations Scotts Valley Rotary!
Tanya Krause, Superintendent of the Scotts Valley Unified School District, reported on events that have transpired with the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in restrictions from State and County Public Health Officer as to how schools can operate.
In summary, Distance/or On-Line Learning will continue for all grades, when SV school year resumes on August 24th.
Priority for in-person learning is focused first on younger children in elementary school; and, will be approved on a case by case basis by the County Office of Education once infection rates meet state mandated thresholds.
For more info click on the pictures, and visit the School district website at: https://www.scottsvalleyusd.org/adm
Cindy Schuette, our Scotts Valley Rotary President serving for a second year, presided over the Kick-off Meeting for the new Club Year on July 13, 2020!
At our Club Assembly held on 6/29 we reviewed our club accomplishments for 2019-2020 that focused on club Membership, Youth, Fellowship, Seniors/Food Program and International. We then reviewed our goals for this new year within the RI President's theme: "Rotary Opens Opportunities", in 3 breakout rooms. Participanting were club members, Interact and Rotaract.
Highlighs included staying the course and continuing with our annual programs: Student awards/scholarships, Interact Student Leadership program, support of UCSC Rotaract; continue to grow our membership; connect more with Interact and Rotaract, and look at ways to engage them with the middle and elementary schools. Add a project in the new 7th Area of Rotary Focus-Supporting the Environment; and maintain our social media presence.
We are in a challenging time and will continue to be strong and persevere and carry on doing the best that we can to serve our community—everyone. There are challenges at all levels of Rotary International and like our Rotarian leaders, I believe that we will adapt and evolve into an even stronger Rotary.
Thank you for being part of our Rotary Team Family
District Governor Gregg Giusiana made a presentation on "Make Membership Meaninful", and invited members to join in a few seminars with insights to implement this strategy. 
We also talked about alliance with Toastmasters and sharing our good deeds with the community! Thank you DG Giusiana!
"What a great ZOOM meeting we had to toast to our 45 years as the Rotary Club of Scotts Valley; to thank all of the members past and present and supporters through the years; and to recognize the only Active Charter member, Bob Pagett with a special Honorary Past President's Pin. Bob has been supportive of our club and Rotary throughout the years with his service.
We also thanked Jun Lee, former Mayor of Scotts Valley and my sponsor to Rotary 23 years ago. Jun is the only other charter member who was not able to make our meeting due to illness." Cindy Schuette, President
We learned from Bob after the meeting that our club started 45 years ago with 20 members. We grew and for long time we had 40 + members; then lost many members. At the beginning of this club year (2019-2020) we were at 14 members and have welcomed 6 new members for a total of 20 members (we lost 2 for a net to date of 18 plus 8 Associate members for a total of 26 members 
Our program featured Michelle and Ralph Sudfeld, Bob's daughter and son-in-law who shared information about the work of Assist International (founded by Bob) with Rotary and other organization's to bring hope to those less fortunate-the hungry, orphans, medical equipment and more in the U.S. and around the World.
District Governor Ramesh and his wife Sobha Hariharan
We missed some of our members serving on the Frontline. Thank you all for continuing to serve in whatever way you are able, especially now during the COVID19 pandemic. All our members are impacted in some way, especially on their jobs including Legislator, Mark Stone; Police, Steve Walpole and associates-Scotts Valley Management Team; Fire, Steve Kovacs; Educators, Tanya Krause and associates, Randy Klein, Danny Reber, Scotts Valley Chamber who are faced with more and more challenges each day to keep our community safe and economically healthy.
Everyone, be safe and healthy and thank you for being part of the Rotary Club of Scotts Valley 'Ohana', - Cindy
Jeanne MacClaren, now Rotarian in San Diego
Bob Leith, now Rotarian in Paso Robles
June Smith, our honorary Rotarian and writer
Randy Klein, our own Rotarian made a great power point presentation - "Seeing in the Dark". Here some of the slides.
"Randy was an Air Force brat...Has loved science since his youth, spending hours on the flight line watching jets take off...Randy has made science his career."  After 30 years working in the engineering field Randy retired and is now a business owner and Science teacher.

Our Scotts Valley Rotary mtg Monday was on Zoom! Gine Johnson gave us a great update on the status of the County CoronaVirus. Comparing the numbers she said we are very lucky to live in California and specially in our County. Let’s keep up with our good distancing-guidelines. It is working! 😊👍

We also sang Happy Birthday to Danny Reber and Bill Holl and gave a Paul Harris Award to Ben Hicks!

Scotts Valley Speech contest winner and Interacter, Anika Mistry won area club speech contest! Here with Cindy Schuette. Also with Speech Contest Sunrise Rotarian organizers Dave Campbell, Jeff Kirk, District Speech contest Chair,Kamal, Peter Truman.
Thank you Sunrise for organizing contest!
Contest Judges: L to R: Steve Kovacs, Bill Holl, Ralph Rausch, Steve Walpole, Tanya Krause, student timers.

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