March 11 is our annual fundraiser for student scholarships.  This year we will feature the White Album Ensemble.  When many people think of tribute bands, they think of the White Album Ensemble. This popular and wonderful local group is the next best thing to hearing the Beatles perform live. Opening the show at 6:00 PM is The Sada Springs Jug Band. This will be a great event. However we need everyone to participate in at least 3 ways.

****Every member will be responsible to sell 4 tickets at 40.00 per tix.  The tix includes concert and appetizers.  

Tickets from or your favorite Rotarian.

First - we will have a wine auction again, so please everyone bring one or two bottles of your favorite wine - we will bring them all together in one "wine wall" last year we had 28 bottles and they went for over 400.00.  My goal this year is 40 bottles.  I know we have winos out there so don't be shy about bringing in your Bartle and James wine coolers, Boone Farm or Cold Duck!

Second - sponsorships, if you or your significant other work for a company - do the ask, either for a sponsorship or have them buy 10+ tickets to give out to their employees...

Third - we will need help the night of the event - I am meeting with the President of SV Interact and will get a commitment from here for some interactors...after that meeting on Wednesday I will know what is specifically needed for the night of the event and will get out another email

Fourth - major auction items we need 3 more - we will have the wine, Tahoe we are looking for 3 more items. 

So please let me know where you can contribute - we have 47 more days  until the event and counting!

Dick and Bill are heading up this event, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


As always yours in Rotary!


 - Rosanna Herrera