Rayne works for the County Administrative Officer. She works with all of the government and private non-profit agencies that provide services for the unhoused population in our County.
She provided insight into the Homeless population— 25% are youth, many become homeless after leaving from foster homes; 25% families who lost a job or their home; 25% previously working adults in the same situation; and only 25% are the Homeless who you and me see on the streets! Providing housing and a job to the homeless is fundamental, but emergency/and basic services are the first step to have access to them and help them to stabilize and be able to return to normal life. Incredible information that all of us should have to reduce the stigma of homelessness.

Here a link to a homeless service center in Santa Cruz:

“Besides helping people find and retain housing, low-barrier services (e.g., showers, bathrooms, meals, laundry, and first aid) provided at homeless center every day have major impact”....