Tanya Krause, Superintendent of the Scotts Valley School District (SVUSD), and Derek Timm, President of the SV Education Foundation made a presentation on a parcel tax being considered by the Board. 
Tanya stated the District receives minimal funding from the State as it designated rural and is located in an affluent area; however, State requirements and mandates are the same as for the schools which receive a lot more funding, thus creating a difficult financial situation ‘a head if not prevented. 

She explained the details of this old money-allocation-model based on tax assessments when properties are turned over. But apparently only approx. 20% of the 750 parcels turn over on a yearly basis.
Derek is the SV Chamber of Commerce Man of The Year. He wears lots of hats in service to the people of Scotts Valley. He is currently the President of the Scotts Valley Education Foundation, which has had a major role in helping to fund various schools activities.  Tanya and Derek shared info about the District and about the Parcel Tax being considered to help keep the District afloat in the coming years. 
The proposed parcel tax will not be used to pay for teacher pensions nor salaries.  We are one of the safest school districts in the nation said Derek, and have high tests score, but we are still in need of basic funding. The Touch a Truck, Facebook Matching Funds, Friday Night Food Trucks and many other fund raising activities raise good moneys but are not sufficient; and we are maxed out in these voluntary donations.
If you would like more information and see how a parcel tax may go hand-in-hand with property values and benefits to our community visit SOSSV.net