Christmas Party 2019

The Rotary of Scotts Valley and of San Lorenzo Valley in a joined Christmas Party at the home of Ron and Cindy Sekkel! Fun and joy!!
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Speaker Brooke Newman, Downtown Streets Team

Brooke Newman made a presentation about DST (Downtown Streets Team) in Santa Cruz.


Downtown Streets Team helps bring hope and dignity for those who are homeless. Team members work side by side with community volunteers in some cases to clean our streets. They receive vouchers for a variety of services including job counseling and health services.
Teams have helped to clean Santa Cruz Downtown, San Lorenzo River area, Felton area near river & more. When surveyed about what the hardest part of experiencing homelessness is, the No. 1 answer was the way people look at them or— more often avoid looking at them.


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Second Harvest Food Holiday Drive

Thank you to those who turned in donations for Second Harvest Food Holiday Drive. So far we collected $104 which amounts to 416 meals for the hungry.
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Christmas Carols at Brookdale Assisted Living

Steve Walpole, Joe Lavelle & Randy Klein
“3 wisemen and one wise woman sang holiday music for residents at Brookdale, Scotts Valley.
Had fun singing with residents!” Cindy Schuette
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January 13th Speaker: Yvonne Vasquez, UCSC Genomics Institute's Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative 2020-01-10 08:00:00Z 0

New Salad Bar at Scotts Valley High School


Congratulations to the Scotts Valley High School to open up a salad bar at its cafeteria! 😊👍👏👏👏

“SALINAS, Calif. – On Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at Scotts Valley High School and San Benito High School, the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation (GSAF) joined representatives from the districts and local produce companies, to announce the donation and placement of two, new salad bars each at Scotts Valley High School and San Benito High School.”

Tanya Krause, Superintendent of Scotts Valley School District, Quincie Gourley, Marketing Coordinator, Taylor Farms, Shawn Coats, Food Service Supervisor, Scotts Valley School District, Rick Bravo, Sales & Marketing at Ocean Mist.

“The Grower-Shipper Association Foundation coordinated the donations with the United Fresh Start Foundation, a founding partner of the national Salad Bars to Schools initiative, which works with the produce industry to bring salad bar to schools across the country. The Salad Bars to Schools initiative has created a national movement to encourage more schools to implement salad bars, while to date has helped facilitate the donation of salad bars to over 5,600 schools, benefitting 3 million children in all fifty states.

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Speaker:  George Haas, Vice-President of the Scotts Valley Senior Life Association


George Haas, Vice-President of the Scotts Valley Senior Life Association made a presentation and outlined great programs where our Rotary Club, the Interact, and the SVHS can join forces to benefit the seniors, the students, and the community.

“The SVSLA is 100 per cent funded by tax deductible donations. All of our members are volunteers. So, we have no overhead, other than expenses directly related to the projects we sponsor.”

Visit the Association website for their mission and on going programs at:

“George Haas has been a resident of Scotts Valley for 28 years. He has two grown children, a son and a daughter, who attended Scotts Valley schools and recently graduated from Cal and UCLA, respectively. He has over 16 years experience in the insurance industry, serving now as a financial advisor with an emphasis on retirement planning and investment. His most recent studies deal with new legal and ethical standards to protect the rights of senior citizens during the financial advisory process. Currently he is an active member of the Scotts Valley Senior Center. He is using his special talents as a photographer to record SVSLA activities.”

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Speaker Mark Stone, State Assemblyman

State Assemblyman Mark Stone spoke about our State budget, budget priorities including senior programs, education, affordable housing, homelessness need for regional plan. Mark works diligently representing our District. We plan to invite him back since meeting attendees had more questions.” Cindy Schuette
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Speaker Tina Friend, Scotts Valley City Manager

Tina Friend, the City Manager for the City of Scotts Valley made a great presentation regarding the state of the City. “The updated General Plan for the city is in the works and will be completed within the year. The biggest problem facing the City of Scotts Valley is government funding.” Bill Holl
“At the City of Santa Cruz, Ms. Friend served as the Chief Operating Officer and oversaw the day-to-day operations of six departments and over 100 staff members, including the Planning and Community Development, Economic Development and Finance Departments, helped develop the annual $250 million budget and implementation of a fiscal sustainability plan, and other projects including the Warriors basketball arena, public safety initiatives, strategic planning, community engagement, and housing policy. She served on regional boards and committees such as the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, Chamber of Commerce, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, 9-1-1 Center and United Way, and cultivated strong partnerships with countywide leaders in public safety, tourism, neighborhood groups, business and non-profits, and local and state government. Ms. Friend holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor Degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.
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Glenwood Preserve Hike


Fresh crispy air, beautiful views, good exercise, and fellowship! Nothing better than a Rotary club hike!

“Scotts Valley Rotary Club members and friends hiked through the newly developed Glenwood Preserve with guide Bryan Largay of the Santa Cruz Land Trust this past Veteran's Day.” Cindy Schuette, Rotary of Scotts Valley President Congratulations! 😊👍👏👏👏

“After the hike, Rotary District Governor, Ramesh Hariharan presented the club with the Rotary Foundation Appreciation Certificate for its financial support of the End Polio Now: Countdown to History Campaign for 2018-2019. The Campaign continues to End Polio Now.”


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Senior Center 30th Anniversary

The Scotts Valley Senior Center 30th Anniversary. Our President represented our Rotary Club as one of their Sponsors this past Friday.
SC Senior Center Director Darshana Crosbrey is at the Sponsor Business Display proudly showing the Rotary Wheel.
Just a note- the SV Senior Ctr was designed by our own famous Architect and Past President Bill Holl; and Pres George H W Bush met there with Secret Service when he visited Earthquake damages in Oct 1989.
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Speaker: Stephen Slade, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County

Cindy Schuette with Stephen Slade, after his presentation on the wild life tunnel.
Stephen Slade is the Executive Director of the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. Prior to that he worked for the Elkhorn Slough Foundation andar KUSP in Santa Cruz. The Land Trust of Santa Cruz is a non-profit organization who through private donations and some State support will be building the wildlife tunnel under Hwy 17 at Laurel Curve.
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Speaker:  Supervisor Bruce McPherson

Supervisor Bruce McPherson also addressed the problem of what to do with plastics since China is no longer buying plastics. He was a wealth of information. So much to cover in so little time!
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Check presentations

Cindy Schuette, our Rotary President, presenting a check from the SV Rotary to Santa Cruz Rotary Club President, Ross Condit, for their Guatemala Water project.  Santa Cruz chartered our club over 40 years ago and have been very supportive of our projects through the years.
Cindy making presentation of our Rotary Club donation to the Rotaractors Big West Conference coming up on October 25-27 in Vancouver, Canada. Rotaractors receiving the donation were: Derek Ngyuen and Angel Solares.
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Speaker:  Rita Ousterhout from UCSC

Rita Ousterhout from UCSC IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) Stable Vaccines Research Program was our speaker with Marcella Mirabelli, and another team member. ”Their team’s project is to develop-engineer ways to improve thermal stability of vaccines by adding proteins. An application to help food supply and prevent Newcastle disease that kill chickens.”
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Past-President Bill Holl starting the meeting with a song on guitar, helped by beautiful voice of our current President, Cindy Schuette.
Our forever Sargent-At-Arms Marc Winquist with his special thank you reward hat.
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Speaker Zeda Dowell

Zeda Dowell made a great presentation and shared with us how life is for a girl being born Muslim, the culture, religion, values, and how men of good will are all born the same.
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Speaker Mark Adato, Monterey Bay Community Power

Mark Adato, Community Outreach/Events Coordinator of Monterey Bay Community Power(MBCP)made a great presentation! He described how this innovative, locally controlled, not for profit, Community Power provides cleaner energy at a lower cost, while supporting low-income rate payers, and funding local renewable energy projects!
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Teacher Recognition Breakfast

Bill Holl, past President, Cindy Schuette, President,Tanya Krause Superintendent, Michael Hansen, Principal of SVHS, Randy Klein in the foreground, and Principals from the Middle and Elementary Schools receiving a check from our Rotary.
Teacher Recognition Breakfast, from left to right is Cindy Schuette, Rotary of Scotts Valley President, Michele Steward, Assistant Superintendent, Tanya Krause, Superintendent of the Scotts Valley School District, and Randy Klein, from the Tutoring Club, and substitute Physics teacher at the SVHS and also our dear Rotarian!
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Speaker Carol Childers, Meals on Wheels

Carol Childers, Associate Program Director at Meals On Wheels (MOW) made a presentation to our club. She has been providing services at MOW for 25 years! This is a meal service to those who needs the most and it includes a personal contact which is fundamental and complimentary to this service—Food for the body and for the soul! Thank you so much Carol for so many years of dedication and services for so many years!
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New members Tanya Krause and Steve Walpole 2019-08-30 07:00:00Z 0

Maggie Ivy from Visit Santa Cruz

Maggie Ivy stated 75 % of our visitors are from California and mostly within 3 hours of Santa Cruz. Approximately 13% are international. The remaining are from other states. Check the publications for all kinds of programs and incredible places to go just around the corner from our houses!
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Stew Roth, PG&E Senior Public Safety Specialist and Rob Morse, Senior Manager

Stew Roth, PG&E Senior Public Safety Specialist and Rob Morse, Senior Manager for the Central Coast made a great presentation.
Much has improved on the ways to be prepared and to prevent wildfires. Extreme wind, temperature, and dry conditions on the ground are continuously monitored and as needed notifications will go out and power must be shut down to avoid uncontrollable fires. Visit the website for all info needed, stay connected, and plan to have your own generator if anyone in your family depends on electricity for life supporting devices.  Visit 
Attend OPEN HOUSE! Fire Prevention/ Community Wildfire Safety Program on August 5, at the Louden Nelson Ctr. from 5:00 to 8:00 PM
Stew Roth, PG&E Senior Public Safety Specialist and Rob Morse, Senior Manager 2019-08-02 07:00:00Z 0

Debunking Bill Holl

Four generations of Rotary Club presidents, from R to L: Cindy Schuette - our current Rotary President, Bill Holl - President of the Rotary Club of Scotts Valley for the past 2 years, Karen McNamara - past President of the Rotary Club of San Lorenzo Valley and current Assistant Governor District 5170, and President-Elect Patrizia Materassi.
Bill Holl, his wife Gine Johnson, and Ron Sekkel!
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Tanya Krause

Tanya Krause, Principal at Scotts Valley Unified School District, and Kim Shultz, Board Trustee, presented on the School District accomplishments for the year, including an update of the successful completion of the Middle School construction project; on a new program to serve at risk and other students which has potential to increase the number of students in the District therefore increase reven...ues; professional development for staff; their renewed support to Mark Andrews environmental programs including the GreenTeam and the Marine Debris Program and many more.
Tanya has now a “corporate” type membership recently approved and activated which allows teachers, Board members, and staff to alternate with Tanya to attend our Rotary meetings. Welcome aboard Tanya!! We are so please to have you as part of our club!
Tanya Krause Darren DeMonsi 2019-07-19 07:00:00Z 0

Mark and Patrizia

Mark Andrews and Patrizia Materassi. The Sustainability Committee chaired by Patrizia was instrumental in enhancing the GreenTeam programs at the SVHS. The Sustainability Committee pledges to continue offering in kind support to the GreenTeam and Marine Debris Program at the school, with the goal to help SVHS become an Ocean Guardian School elegível for 4 more years of grants.
Mark and Patrizia Darren DeMonsi 2019-07-19 07:00:00Z 0

Mark and Carrie

Mark Andrews with Carrie Birkhofer, one of our dear Rotary members, after a great presentation. The Scotts Valley GreenTeam leaded by Mark Andrews has gone over and beyond any expectations! Just check out the school drought tolerant, toxic chemical free campus landscaping, the organic garden, movie with NOAA, few grants and more coming with our Rotary Club and the NOAA Ocean Guardian School Program, connections with City Hall, and local business community, without mention the involvement of at risk students and more! Congratulations to Mark and his students at the Scotts Valley High School!
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The passing of Jim Sikora and Bob Mazurek

We have been sad lately. Two more of our dear elderly Rotarians passed away. Jim Sikora and Bob Mazurek. Instead of just being sad we like to celebrate their lives, as they were great people and Rotarians! We will miss them dearly.

We like to share their many accomplishments and Rotary work and will do so as their families become ready. See Bob Mazurek in this picture, with his wife Julie, just a few months before passing in his 80's volunteering at the Scotts Valley Art, Wine and Beer Festival! Bob was a steady participant and rarely missed any meetings! Bob and Jim were members of the Scotts Valley Rotary Sustainability Committee. May they Rest in Peace!

(Update: Services for Bob will be Tuesday October 25 at 10:00 AM at San Augustin Catholic Church in Scotts Valley- See Obituary in comment below.)

We send all our love and strength in this difficult moment to Bob's wife Julianne Mazurek, and to Jim's wife Marie Sikora.

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Speaker Mark Stone

Mark Stone made a very engaging presentation at the Scotts Valley Rotary Club. Starting many discussions that we need to call him back soon! Mark served as Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee. 

Mark Stone is a former Santa Cruz County Supervisor, Trustee of the County of Education, Member of the California Coastal Commission and member of our Club. Congratulations Mark!
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October 22nd speaker: Fred Keeley 2018-09-21 07:00:00Z 0

Speaker Michelle Sudfeld, Assist International

Michelle Sudfeld, Director of Administration/Orphan Programs at ASSIST INTERNATIONAL gave us an encouraging, energizing and inspiring presentation!  It is difficult to find a better organization than Assist International to represent the spirit of Rotary - Service Above Self!

Check website at: www.

Here programs of Assist International: 
- Child:Assist, 
- Community:Assist, 
- Safe Surgery, and
- Water Sanitation projects
Addressing the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Michele is passionate about rescuing Orphaned and Vulnerable children in developing countries. She works closely with Assist International partners in Africa, Romania, and Thailand. One child at the time! She oversees building of homes and schools for the children and ensures Assist International’s orphan villages are viably sustained through donor support and enterprise solutions!


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Welcome Back to School event

Randy Klein from the Tutoring Club represented so well our Rotary Club at the Scotts Valley High School -Welcome Back to School event. A very well attended, high energy event where the community shows the teachers their gratitude and support.
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Speaker Jonathan Hicken,  Director of Development & Partnerships at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History


Jonathan Hicken, Director of Development & Partnerships at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History(MAH) made a great presentation, and showed us how a museum can do its part in connecting the community!

Jonathan was an Executive at a successful Silicon Valley tech business and a published academic who wrote about undocumented migration along the US- Mexico border. He is passionate about building a stronger community and has so much to show for the success of the Museum in this area!

Other communities may want to learn the secret of this great success. How to bring Museums alive by connecting all types of people and generations while they learn and have fun together.

Speaker Jonathan Hicken, Director of Development & Partnerships at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History 2018-07-25 07:00:00Z 0

International Convention presentation from Ron Sekkel

Ron Sekkel, one of our own and best mentor in Rotary made a great presentation on the recent International Convention in Toronto, Canada. Shared with us the fun secrets of attending RI Conventions
Ron Sekkel here with two other very special Rotarians, Jean McClaren and Cindy Sekkel, his wife!
Rotary District 5170 House of Friendship Booth. Hundreds of booths representing projects from all the approx. 27,000 people attending this Convention were in display at the House of Friendship- support, participate, or just learn and be renovated in your hope for this world!
International Convention presentation from Ron Sekkel 2018-07-13 07:00:00Z 0