"What a great ZOOM meeting we had to toast to our 45 years as the Rotary Club of Scotts Valley; to thank all of the members past and present and supporters through the years; and to recognize the only Active Charter member, Bob Pagett with a special Honorary Past President's Pin. Bob has been supportive of our club and Rotary throughout the years with his service.
We also thanked Jun Lee, former Mayor of Scotts Valley and my sponsor to Rotary 23 years ago. Jun is the only other charter member who was not able to make our meeting due to illness." Cindy Schuette, President
We learned from Bob after the meeting that our club started 45 years ago with 20 members. We grew and for long time we had 40 + members; then lost many members. At the beginning of this club year (2019-2020) we were at 14 members and have welcomed 6 new members for a total of 20 members (we lost 2 for a net to date of 18 plus 8 Associate members for a total of 26 members 
Our program featured Michelle and Ralph Sudfeld, Bob's daughter and son-in-law who shared information about the work of Assist International (founded by Bob) with Rotary and other organization's to bring hope to those less fortunate-the hungry, orphans, medical equipment and more in the U.S. and around the World.
District Governor Ramesh and his wife Sobha Hariharan
We missed some of our members serving on the Frontline. Thank you all for continuing to serve in whatever way you are able, especially now during the COVID19 pandemic. All our members are impacted in some way, especially on their jobs including Legislator, Mark Stone; Police, Steve Walpole and associates-Scotts Valley Management Team; Fire, Steve Kovacs; Educators, Tanya Krause and associates, Randy Klein, Danny Reber, Scotts Valley Chamber who are faced with more and more challenges each day to keep our community safe and economically healthy.
Everyone, be safe and healthy and thank you for being part of the Rotary Club of Scotts Valley 'Ohana', - Cindy
Jeanne MacClaren, now Rotarian in San Diego
Bob Leith, now Rotarian in Paso Robles
June Smith, our honorary Rotarian and writer