Scotts Valley Rotary Service Day was very successful doubling the volunteer hours originally estimated! Well done! Congratulations to all the members who volunteered their time and to the club for support. Together we do make a difference!
Patrizia Materassi cleaning up the beach at Cowells and the Boardwalk. Patrizia and her husband Kim Shultz picked up about 3.5 pounds of mostly plastic trash in half hour at the Boardwalk Beach!
Trash people left at the beach at the Boardwalk: kids flip-flops, water bottles, many bottle capps, cigarettes, tent spikes, silverware,plastic toys, lots of wrappers, foam and plastic pieces... Once inside the ocean all this plastic breaks out in tiny pieces which act as a toxic dust in the ocean becoming part of the food chain, releasing toxins into fishes stomachs and showing up on our dinner table!
Grey Bears Celebration
United Way Stuff the Bus Backpack event for back to school supplies for kids.