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Dear Rotary Ladies and gents,
The Interact Fall Leadership Conference is one week away. I am going and would love to have many of you to join me. 
Please check your availability and let me know if you can attend. Please note the corrected date is Sunday, October 8th. There is a $13.00 fee to cover lunch and expenses. 
All the best,
Randy Klein
Sunday, October 8 from 8:15 am until 3:00 pm at Independence High School in San Jose, CA (1776 Educational Park Dr, San Jose).

In an effort to increase advisor (both Rotarian and Faculty) participation at the event, the advisor workshop will again be in the morning from 10:00 am until 11:45 am in rooms M33-38, aka the Industrial classrooms. A map of the school can be found here. The schedule for the workshop will be:

10:00—10:10--all gather/introductions/Interact theme for year

10:10---10:40-—positive youth development (Assets)/Interactors-Advisors share effective working relationships and Interact best practices through a panel which will cover the following:
a. ABC’s of Interact
b. Election process
c. Sample budget
d. Other questions/topics

10:40—11:10--large group discussion on youth protection, club chartering process, & communication with district

11:15—11:40--participants have the choice to attend 1 of 2 options:
a. RYLA 2018
b. Speech Contest 2018

 In addition, help is needed to serve lunch to the 4,000 Interactors after the advisor workshop at 11:45 am. If you are able to volunteer, please sign up here:

Digital resources for the workshop can be downloaded and accessed here.

There is an event fee of $13 for all attendees, which includes lunch. Payment and registration is through interact Clubs. Please contact an Interact Club in which your Rotary Club sponsors to sign up.

Thank you very much for your time, and we look forward to seeing you on October 8th!!
For any questions, please contact Chris Miller here, or at 408-395-7949.

You are also welcome to visit the FLC website at this address, which includes further details and a video recap of previous year FLC's.
Patrizia meets at the Rotary Club of Icarai, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the club and the school being "adopted"- Centro Educacional de Niterói CEN
Patrizia Materassi's late-father Enzo Materassi was one of the founder members of this club back in 1970. He served as President in 1982-83.
Fourth School to apply to the Marine Debris Program!
Fred Keely presenting on the National Monterey Marine Sanctuary. He is a Trustee member of the Sanctuary Foundation, plus a lot more!
Fred was member of the Cal State Assembly representing Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, from 1996-2002. Had a big role in higher education at UCSC. Was the Santa Cruz County Treasurer; member of the California League of Conservation Voters...and serves on the Board of the Cal Ocean Science Trust.
He emphasized the role of the ocean in our life; that every other breath we take is from the ocean. The ocean produces 50% of the Oxygen we breathe. That ocean acidification may affect the Oxygen and Carbon Cycle. That ocean education is fundamental for us and for our kids in the future; thus celebrate and participate in the 25 years of our Sanctuary!

Thank you Mr. Keely for the great work you do!
Greg discussed the historic role of the San Lorenzo River in the development of Santa Cruz, the separation alienation that occurred over the years, and visualized a re-integration of the river with the community.

Here the SLR mouth at the Boardwalk.
Coastal Watershed Council has worked with our Sustainability Committee Marine Debris Project in partnership with NOAA and the Tampa Bay Community Foundation; both to bring awareness in the schools and community about the watershed and its connections with the health of the people and the planet.
Please plan to attend this very important meeting on Monday.
We will be discussing our April 28, 2018 fund raising concert featuring Lacy J. Dalton.
The board has identified the various tasks involved which will be presented with the intention that each of us will take on a piece.
Virginia Johnson made a great presentation on the Monterey Bay Community Power - a regional project among 19 local government agencies that aims to provide choice in electricity provision to residents and businesses who prefer clean-source power...It will purchase from alternative sources of energy, with its vested power as much alternative energy as possible; the energy will be distributed by PG&E at the same rate or lower; and, surplus revenues will help fund more renewable energy projects, create jobs, and stimulate the economy! 
Virginia has lead the team who put together this Community Choice Energy for 3 years working for County Supervisor Bruce McPherson. 😅 Before that she worked for 17 years as Executive Director of Ecology Action - a local Environmental Consulting Non-Profit and increased its budget from $125 K to $28 million. One of Ecology Action's help to the community was the renovation of the Sentinel Building to receive a LEED Gold  Building Certification! 
Check out the Fact Sheet below and links to the website.
Almost 40,000 people coming together to do good in the world! 
Bill Gates  came to our Convention to speak on Polio eradication. A total of $1.2 billion was pledged to finish the job on the 3 tensing countries were Polio is still active. 
ESRAG's booth(Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group) always full of Rotarians!!
ESRAG support President-Elect Ian Riseley's tree "growing" challenge. 
Want to remind everyone that the Debunking is scheduled for Monday, June 26, 6:00pm, mark your calendar. It is our opportunity to thank Rosanna for her hard work and to hear what Bill has up his sleeve for the coming year.  We will not be having a lunch meeting that day.
Tony G
Plastic Pollution in the World's Ocean Sustainability Committee display at two Earth Day events this weekend: Santa Clara Kayser Permanent Farmer's Market, and Los Altos Hills Barnyard Earth Day Celebration
Santa Clara Kayser Permanent Farmer's Market. Many nurses appreciated my suggestion of their plastic gowns to be manufactured with a biodegradable material. They use a new one and dispose of it every time they enter a "bacteria contaminated" patient's room. 
The lady is Lynne Page, Chair of the Hospital's green team. I was invited to share her water-with-not- plastic-bottles booth. 
These are pictures of our Sustainability Committee plastic pollution display at the Los Altos Hills Barnyard Earth Day Celebration. 
Many young families came by the booth and appreciated the info on Plastic Pollution in he ocean. Many also liked the Wild Cat show. 
- Patrizia
Marine Debris Ocean Stewardship Program: An International Pilot Project.  - funded by the Scotts Valley Rotary Sustainability Committee in partnership with the NOAA, and the Tampa Bay Community Foundation.  This was the second field trip of SVHS students to collect marine debris at the boardwalk.  
Approximately 130 Scotts Valley High School students, the 2 lead teachers, Adi Welch, Marine Biology, and Mark Andrews, Environmental Studies teacher, and Naomi Pollack, Program Coordinator for the  NOAA's Ocean Guardian School Program( ), 2 representatives of Save Our Shores.( ), and Patrizia Materassi, Chair of the Scotts Valley Rotary Sustainability Committee, were present at this field trip   part of the Marin Debris International Pilot Program.
The program is funded by the Scotts Valley Rotary Sustainability Committee in partnership with the NOAA, and the Tampa Bay Community Foundation. 
In the first few pictures the students are eating breakfast snacks provided by the Sustainability Committee, delivery by Patrizia Materassi, and her husband, Kim Shultz, SV School Board member. 
The students are at the BoardWalk green area in front of the beach to be cleaned up. 
After they returned they had some lunch-type snacks; and you can see the buckets full of trash which will be catalogued for data input by the students and international exchange. 
Other pictures with teacher's, NOAA and Save Our Shores representatives helping in the effort.
We made a special point to bring water and water paper cups NOT IN PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES. The students put names on their paper cups!  Among other things the students will learn to carry their own canteens/water bottles every time they leave their house, not buying plastic water bottles. 
Congratulations to the lead teacher's Adi and Andrew for great work!
- Patrizia

The Marine Debris Ocean Stewardship Program is an International Pilot Project.  110 students were at the Boardwalk Beach on Monday, March 27 to collect plastic trash that pollutes the ocean.  They will be analyzing the trash back on campus at their classes and at the organic garden/ recycling center they build / improve on with this grant. Save our Shores experts were there too to help. The teachers from SVHS were Adi Welch, Marine Biology and Mark Andrews, Environmental Studies.

Here you can see the San Lorenzo River Mouth, at the Boardwalk Beach after one month of storms and extreme weather. That is where the students where picking up plastic debris. About 80% of marine debris reaches the ocean via storm drains, creeks and rivers; it is all branches of the ocean!

The students were using NOAA's Marine Debris KIT forms to record the plastics collected. NOAA, the Scotts Valley Rotary and the Tampa Bay Community Foundation funded the program. 

The students will be coming to our Rotary meeting on May 1st to present their findings and their hands-on projects to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.  

March 11 is our annual fundraiser for student scholarships.  This year we will feature the White Album Ensemble.  When many people think of tribute bands, they think of the White Album Ensemble. This popular and wonderful local group is the next best thing to hearing the Beatles perform live. Opening the show at 6:00 PM is The Sada Springs Jug Band. This will be a great event. However we need everyone to participate in at least 3 ways.

****Every member will be responsible to sell 4 tickets at 40.00 per tix.  The tix includes concert and appetizers.  

Tickets from or your favorite Rotarian.

First - we will have a wine auction again, so please everyone bring one or two bottles of your favorite wine - we will bring them all together in one "wine wall" last year we had 28 bottles and they went for over 400.00.  My goal this year is 40 bottles.  I know we have winos out there so don't be shy about bringing in your Bartle and James wine coolers, Boone Farm or Cold Duck!

Second - sponsorships, if you or your significant other work for a company - do the ask, either for a sponsorship or have them buy 10+ tickets to give out to their employees...

Third - we will need help the night of the event - I am meeting with the President of SV Interact and will get a commitment from here for some interactors...after that meeting on Wednesday I will know what is specifically needed for the night of the event and will get out another email

Fourth - major auction items we need 3 more - we will have the wine, Tahoe we are looking for 3 more items. 

So please let me know where you can contribute - we have 47 more days  until the event and counting!

Dick and Bill are heading up this event, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


As always yours in Rotary!


 - Rosanna Herrera


Annual Student Recognition Awards
As a member of the Scotts Valley Rotary Club we request you attend the annual Student Recognition Awards Dinner honoring exceptional students at the Scotts Valley Middle School and High School.  The event will be held on Tuesday evening, April 18th, at 6:00 p.m. (dinner to be served at 6:30 p.m.) at the Scotts Valley Hilton
To properly honor these fine students, I ask that all club members be present at this event. The cost of the dinner was included in the annual club dues for 2017 so there is no additional cost. I do need to provide a final count to the Hilton. Kindly RSVP if you plan to attend. You are welcome to invite a guest at a cost of $30 per person.
Please return the reservation form sent to you in the mail no later than Monday, April 10th, 2017. 
The Scotts Valley Rotary Club is very proud of all our students and especially proud of the accomplishments of the students being recognized.  We look forward to meeting each of them, and their family and guests. If you have questions, please email Susan Riddle at or Carrie Birkhofer at Thank you!

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