Tim Lindell, the Governor of our Rotary District 5170 came to visit and shared District and RI news with us. 
His District Theme is Learning, Leadership and Inspiration. Rotarians are encouraged to learn more about Rotary, so they can be confident leaders in the community, and inspire many others ! 
Tim comes from Portland, Oregon, an Attorney at Law in active practice. Community service, through schools art and music, sports, and local government, and now Rotary have been a huge parte of life for Tim, and for his wife, Penelope O’Neil.
Tim served as President of Los Gatos Rotary Club in 2004, and 2007-2008. He has been Assistant Governor, District Conference Chair, and District Trainer. Past recipient of the District Rotarian Award of the Year, the Richard King ðŸ¥‡, and Carolyn Schultz Award. 
Here the RI new President’s moto: Rotarians BE THE INSPIRATION for people to join us in making this world better!
Our District Governor believes the survivor of service organizations like Rotary depend critically on nurturing the commitment of tomorrow’s adults in community service. Rotary’s Youth Programs will continue to be a focus of his efforts in the District.